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From basic tune up to full rebuild, we’ve got you covered!

We keep most common parts in stock so we can get your equipment back to you faster than the competition!


Most Riding mower tune-ups start at $150. We know that owners are aware of the importance of proper maintenance and repair procedures. However, some may still overlook the significance of regular check-ups and seasonal tune-ups. With the arrival of spring, there’s no better time to ensure the mower is in tip-top shape for the upcoming mowing season. By investing time and effort into these important tasks, individuals can maximize their mower’s performance, prolong its lifespan, and maintain the safety of those operating the equipment.


Our trained technicians are equipped with the latest tools and knowledge to ensure your off-road vehicles are always in top-notch condition. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and working efficiently to minimize downtime for our clients. With a wide range of available maintenance and repair options, we customize our approach to suit your specific needs and budget. Furthermore, we consistently update our techniques and stay informed about industry advancements to provide the most reliable service possible.


Don’t get caught without power this summer when the power is shut off due to fire danger. We will maintain, repair, or rebuild your indispensable home or auxiliarygenerator system to ensure you have a reliable source of electricity when you need it most. With our team of skilled technicians, we provide prompt and efficient service to minimize any disruptions to your daily life. Trust us to keep your generator running smoothly, so you can continue enjoying your home and all the conveniences it offers even during a power outage.


We start immediately with a crankcase pressure test to ensure that your 2cycle engine is in salvageable condition


From Basic tune up to full diagnostics, and full rebuilds, you can trust your vehicle to Newman’s Engine Service!


Our diagnostic techniques and equipment are top of the line in the industry, saving us time and you money!


From Our Blog Posts

jeff bigley
jeff bigley

Old school mentality. Great work

Joe Truck
Joe Truck

Cody is the best! Fast service! Guarantees his work and is incredibly knowledgeable on all fronts of small engine repair! Have used multiple times for multiple mowers, Weedwhacker’s, etc. never fails to amaze. Will continue to use Cody for all our Small Engine needs. Highly recommended.

Paul Strickland
Paul Strickland

Had a John Deere riding mower that was pushing smoke, Cody had it fixed and tuned up quickly, at a very reasonable price.

Art Paquette
Art Paquette

Cody Newman has been taking care of my small equipment for a few years now and still exceed my expectations. I’ve had both my mowers break at the same time and he was able to get them both back in service within days, with all this supply chain issues, it’s still amazing how Cody can find the parts, 5 STARS 🌟

Top Shelf Ranch LLC
Top Shelf Ranch LLC

Cody has been great. Can’t even remember all the things he’s fixed for us!

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